VanGuard Carport Kit

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If you’re looking for an easy, ready to install traditional gable roof carport kit you can’t go past the Vanguard 5000.

Incorporating innovative design and engineering the Vanguard 5000 DIY carport kit is purpose built for quick, easy and simple self-installation.

Every Vanguard carport kit is supplied with an engineer’s certificate that guarantees the structural integrity of all parts and is building code (BCA) approved.

You can trust that your Vanguard carport meets all council and building standards.

The traditional pitched gable roof provides a high carport entrance for safe and easy vehicle access. Perfect for the work ute, mini van, boat or the family SUV.

The Vanguard 5000 carport kit includes gable aluminium roof structure, integrated polycarbonate roofing sheet, posts, fasteners, gutters and downpipes that are ready to connect to storm water systems.

All kit parts are pre-drilled and cut to size saving you time and money.

The Vanguard 5000 DIY carport kit is attractive, affordable and easy to assemble.

Need to know more? Call or email Roofing Options Centre, we’re happy to offer our expert advice and assistance on our range of DIY carport kits.

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Product Information

Vanguard 1


3380mm (W) x 5010mm (L) x 2780mm (H)

Vanguard 2

UV Protected


Gutter Included


Anchor Kit Included


Sliding Roof Panel System

3620mm (W) x 5020mm (L) x 2420mm (H)

Main Benefits

Simple Assembly

Easy 2 person assembly

Light Weight

Light weight components

UV Resistant

Maintenance Free

Compact Packing

VanGuard Carport Kit Brochure

Arcadia Bro pic

The Arcadia Carport Kit, designed for easy DIY assembly. Main features:

  • Easy 2 person assembly
  • Pre-drilled profiles, ready to assemble
  • Step by step instructions

No special tools required for installation

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