Suntuf EZ Glaze

Suntuf EZ Glaze Polycarb
Suntuf EZ Glaze

Smart, Elegant & Glass Like

Suntuf EZ Glaze is a new versatile, low maintenance polycarbonate roofing solution.  With its proprietary profiled design, Suntuf EZ Glaze can be installed directly on to rafters without the need for intermittent purlins.  Suntuf EZ Glaze creates a glass-like appearance after eliminating the need for purlins running throughout the width of your roof space.

Easy & Fast Installation

Suntuf EZ Glaze is easy to install and is simply screw fixed to the supportive structure.  Having an overall sheet thickness of 3mm, Suntuf EZ Glaze also promotes greater impact resistance meaning increased protection against hail damage.

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Product Specs

Suntuf EZ Glaze

Suntuf EZ Glaze Polycarb
Suntuf EZ GlazeLT %SCSHGC
Bluish Breeze70% 0.630.55
Solar Grey20% 0.510.44
  • Clear and elegant appearance
  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • 1200mm effective cover per sheet
  • Easy, fast and safe installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 3mm thick - Up to 3 times thicker than standard polycarbonate sheets
  • Excellent impact & hail resistance
  • High wind load resistance
  • Eliminates the need for purlins
  • 2 contemporary colours available


  • ONLY available in one profile

Product Installation

Suntuf EZ Glaze Product Brochure

Suntuf EZ is 3 times thicker than standard polycarbonate roof sheeting.

The SUNTUF BH offers:

  • Clear & Elegant appearance
  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • 3mm thickness for better hail & impact resistance
  • 2 modern colours
  • Minimal Maintenance

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