Suntuf BH (Beehive)

Suntuf BH - Corrugated High Impact Resistant

Suntuf BH is a durable, high impact resistant polycarbonate roofing sheet for both Industrial and Residential use.  While reducing glare and maintaining high light transmission, Suntuf BH also produces 100% diffused light resulting in greater flexibility and suitability for almost any project.

Up to 3 times thicker than standard polycarbonate

Suntuf BH is 2.8mm thick which is significantly thicker than standard polycarbonate roofing which means greater strength and hail resistance.  The additional thickness, strength and integrity of Suntuf BH also allows for larger spans between purlins meaning a reduced cost on building materials when designing your structure to suit.

The underside of all Suntuf BH roofing sheets have an embossed surface that adds a new and fresh appearance to your project that aids the transmission of gentle diffused light through your roof space.

Suntuf Beehive Polycarbonate

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Product Specs

Suntuf BH (Beehive)

Suntuf Beehive Polycarbonate
Sunsky Boxes
Corrugated Overlap
Beehive Close Up
Suntuf BHLight TransmissionHeat Transmission
Clear90% 88%
Solar Grey12% 40%
Solar Ice25% 38%
  • 100% diffused light for reduced glare
  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • High light transmission - Over 70%
  • Modern colours
  • 2.8 mm thick - Up to 3 times thicker than standard polycarbonate sheets
  • Excellent impact & hail resistance
  • High wind load resistance
  • Lightweight. Easy to handle and install


  • ONLY available in Corrugated profile

Suntuf BH (Beehive) Product Brochure

Suntuf BH is 3 times thicker than standard polycarbonate roof sheeting.

The SUNTUF BH offers:

  • 100% diffused light and reduced glare
  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • 2.8mm thickness for better hail & impact resistance
  • 3 popular modern colours
  • Embossed Underside

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