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SUNPAL – Multi

The Most Advanced Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel System

Standing seam joints are a timeless style profile featuring classic long and elegant vertical lines that suit both modern and traditional architecture.Sunpal Multi is an advanced multiwall polycarbonate panel system that is characterized by the distinct self-fastening, double lock standing seam joints.

The Sunpal Multi polycarbonate panel system offers architects and builders a wide range of flexible roofing and structural design options.

Sunpal Multi standing seam roofing system is particularly well suited to very large roof areas. The interlocking panels, slimline joints and concealed clips and fasteners make it a very quick and easy to install system which has the added benefit of being a cost effective roofing solution.

The distinct features and main advantages of Sunpal Multi is that it can be applied in flat, curved, concave, convex, conical and dome shaped design structures.

The standing seam architectural system is widely used for its proven design, strength, durability and superior weather resistance in harsh climates.

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Product Information - Features and Benefits

Energy Efficient

Leak Proof

Solarsmart Technology


Lightweight & strong

Lightweight roofing sheets and components

UV resistant

Double sided UV protection

Installation Options


SUNPAL - Multiwall Brochure


SUNPAL - Multiwall fully framed polycarbonate panel system
Typical Applications

  • Architectural roofing & cladding
  • Commercial and retail roofing
  • Covered walkways and entrances
  • Sports facilities
  • Office block divisions