Sunglaze Roofing System

Sunglaze Solid Polycarbonate

A standing seam polycarbonate roofing system that has the elegant appeal of glass without the fragility.

Sunglaze solid polycarbonate is a smooth, solid panel sheet that has a ‘glass-like’ appearance combined with the strength of polycarbonate.

The smart design of Sunglaze includes all the benefits of polycarbonate such as, versatility, low maintenance, high thermal insulation, durability as well as timeless and elegant visual appeal.

The Sunglaze standing seam system enables wide spans and high loading capacity which allows architects and builders complete freedom to design glazed areas of unlimited size and shape.

Sunglaze standing seam system components consist of:

  • Transparent panels, extruded with a vertical standing seam at both sides of the 4mm panel
  • Glazing set comprising of the Base, Cap and Cap Plug all mill-finished extruded aluminium profiles
  • Locking screw to attach the Cap onto the Base and panel edges and Fixing screw to fix the Base to the structure.
  • End closure, mill-finished aluminium plates that plug the two ends of the profiles assembly.

The Sunglaze system is designed for both rafter and purlin construction options and can accommodate an assembled width span of 800mm.

The entire assembly doesn’t require using silicones or adhesives, which eliminates mess and the problem of adhesive bond failure.


7 Main Benefits of Sunglaze:

  • Elegant, non industrial glass-like appearance
  • Leakproof system
  • Allows for thermal expansion & contraction
  • No caulking or adhesives
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Exceptional quality of light with UV protection

Sunglaze panels’ thermal and acoustic insulation properties combined with their impact and weather resistance make Sunglaze solid polycarbonate the premium material of choice.

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Product Information - Features and Benefits

Elegant Appearance

UV Protection

Leak Proof

Easy Installation

No Sealing Required

Installation Information

Sunglaze Side Flash
Sunglaze Ridge Flash
Sunglaze Wall Flash


SUNGLAZE is a solid polycarbonate sheet that presents with a ‘glass-like’ appreance

SUNGLAZE - The premium polycarbonate roofing system
Typical Applications

  • Architectural projects
  • Commercial and retail roofing
  • Covered walkways
  • Open Markets
  • Service Stations
  • Outdoor entertainment areas

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