Steel Metal Roofing

We supply ZINCALUME & COLORBOND roofing sheets all over Melbourne. Our strong relationships with roll-formers across Melbourne and advanced ordering systems mean that we can have COLORBOND or ZINCALUME sheets cut to order and delivered to site within 48 hours if we do not have these in stock at our factory.

COLORBOND® Steel Roofing

COLORBOND® steel is tested under extreme conditions to represent the diverse climate here in Australia. Not only will you be satisfied with the extensive 22 colours in the range, COLORBOND® is a superior roofing product strong and thermally efficient keeping your home cooler under the harsh Australian sun. Our premium quality steel sheets and wall cladding systems are suitable for architectural, industrial, commercial and residential applications. Innovative products and our friendly, experienced customer service make Roofing Options Centre Melbourne's most trusted supplier for all your steel metal roofing projects.

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Product Features


Colorbond steel is strong and durable, offering perfect protection against the extreme Aussie weather conditions. The zinc/aluminium alloy coating on Zincalume® and the steel base for Colorbond® steel roofing provide superior resistance to corrosion. Combined with a polyester primer and an exterior grade paint that's baked on for a finish which resists cracking, chipping and peeling, these metal sheets are remarkably durable.


Colorbond metal roof sheet comes in a variety of colours and also it weighs very light. These are purely lightweight compared to clay or concrete tiles, and because there is less weight overall sitting on top of the framework, there is less strain on the building reducing the possibility of structural problems and damage.

Flexible Customisation

We offer a wide variety of sheets in a range of attractive profiles, giving you design flexibility with innovative curved and shaped designs as well as traditional straight sheeting. With 20 designer metal colours as well as standard colours to choose from, you'll find the ideal products to compliment both traditional and ultra-modern architecture. We also offer proficient custom sheet works that suit your particular needs and budget.

Easy Installation

You won't have to worry about finding specialised roof installers around Melbourne because these corrugated roofing sheets allow for a rapid installation. They are easily fitted, and the flashing can also be installed quickly, without any major hassle.

Easy Maintenance

Because Colorbond steel roofing is sturdy and durable, it requires very low maintenance to retain its long life performance and looks. For all options from Colorbond to translucent materials, contact our team.


Colorbond sheets are now available with Thermatech® paint technology for better thermal efficiency. Thermatech® technology helps to improve the overall insulation, keeping temperatures inside cooler during summer and warmer in winter.

Current Steel Roofing Profiles


Manufacture Tolerance
Sheet Width 840mm +/- 2mm
Effective Coverage762mm +/- 2mm
Rib Height17mm +/- 1mm
Length Ordered+/- 2mm
Minimum Roof Pitch5 degree
Corru info


Manufacture Tolerance
Sheet Width 840mm +/- 2mm
Effective Coverage762mm +/- 2mm
Rib Height27mm +/- 1mm
Length Ordered+/- 2mm
Minimum Roof Pitch2 degree


Manufacture Tolerance
Sheet Width 715mm +/- 2mm
Effective Coverage700mm +/- 5mm
Rib Height44mm +/- 1mm
Length Ordered+/- 3mm
Minimum Roof Pitch1 degree


Manufacture Tolerance
Sheet Width 780mm +/- 2mm
Effective Coverage700mm +/- 2mm
Rib Height25mm +/- 1mm
Length Ordered+/- 5mm
Minimum Roof Pitch 2 degree

Corrugated & Colorbond Roof Sheeting Brochure


Create brochure is designed to help guide you through the creative process of building your home. Of course, building your roof is itself a practical process.

Main features:

  • Trends in home design.
  • Colour as a design tool.
  • Lifestages + lifestyles.

The real joy of COLORBOND® is that it’s such a sensible choice or such a creative choice… it’s all the inspired choices it allows to those with colourful imaginations.