Smart Pui – Corrugated Twinwall

At just 2.5mm thickness the SmartPIU multiwall polycarbonate sheet offers endless design versatility for use with composite or metal roofing panels.

The thin polycarbonate sheets allow for a smooth overlapping layer with metal roofing panels while maintaining the design integrity of the roofline.

The SmartPIU multiwall structure provides added strength for greater impact resistance and minimises condensation build up.

With UV protection on the outer side, SmartPIU polycarbonate sheets keep harmful UV rays out while providing a high amount of natural light in.

Smart in name and smart in application, SmartPIU polycarbonate sheet have excellent thermal insulation properties offering great energy savings all year round.

Key Features Of SmartPui

  • Thin 2.5mm corrugated sheet
  • Versatile applications
  • Smooth overlapping
  • Impact and weather resistant
  • UV Protection
  • Thermal Insulation

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Product Features

Thin 2.5mm Sheet

Versatile Applications

Smooth Overlapping

Impact & Weather Resistant

UV Protection

Thermal Insulation

Twinwall Brochure

SMARTPUI - Twinwall Corrugated

PolyPui Strip
SmartPui - Light & Heat Transmission Table
Clear 84% Light Transmission 69.5% Heat Transmission
Opal 76% Light Transmission 41.3% Heat Transmission
Grey Tint 32% Light Transmission 47.2% Heat Transmission

SmartPui - Corrugated Twinwall Brochure


The SmartPIU multiwall polycarbonate sheet elegantly combines with most metal roofing panels offering endless design versatility and durability.

Main features:

  • Unique Corrugated Twinwall Profile
  • 2.5mm Thick Sheet
  • UV Protection
  • Thermal Insulation