Slimline Water Tanks

Installing rainwater tanks is a sensible decision for every homeowner, considering in Australia extended periods of drought are followed by days of heavy rain.If you want to find a cheap but high- quality solution for your home, we offer first class slim water tanks Melbourne wide that fit any budget. Roofing Options Centre supply the best slimline water tanks in Melbourne. We sell only BlueScope Steel, AQUAPLATE® steel rain water tanks which are purpose built for home water tanks.

Slim Water Tanks, Affordable & High Quality

An AQUAPLATE® steel slimline tank is guaranteed against rust and corrosion for up to 20 years. Rainwater Tanks made from AQUAPLATE® steel are durable and won't budge when water storage levels reach maximum capacity.

Imagine investing in a steel water tank that can't do the job it was designed for because of cheap or inferior materials. When considering buying a steel tank, you should note that not all steel is up to the job of containing water. Inferior steel can easily distort under pressure and spring a leak or completely rupture. Don't waste precious water and your money on anything less than an AQUAPLATE® steel from Roofing Options Centre.

Benefits of Slimline Water Tank

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Slim Tank Dimensions

Download our "Standard Size" list for an indication of what tank sizes we manufacture.
Standard size options:

  • Slimline.
  • Modline (Squared slimline).
  • Round.
Slimline rainwater tanks are available in various sizes, and Roofing Options Centre can supply your steel slimline tank within our size range limits:
– Minimum tank size: 550mm width x 1200mm length x 660mm height
– Maximum tank size: 1150mm width x 3300mm length x 2020mm height

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