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Round Water Tanks

round rain water tanksThe iconic steel round water tanks can be found right across Australia, and it is part of our cultural identity particularly in rural areas. But steel round water tanks are also gaining tremendous popularity in the suburbs and cities where every day more people see the benefits of rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting is not a new concept, but it's fast becoming the accepted way to beat rising water costs and provide an efficient water delivery system for regular everyday household use.

Sturdy and Strong Round Rainwater Tanks In Melbourne

At Roofing Options Centre we sell steel round rainwater tanks made using only BlueScope's AQUAPLATE® steel. Sturdy and durable lasting with a 20- year warranty against corrosion, rust, metal fatigue, AQUAPLATE® steel round rainwater tank is the perfect water storage solution for your household needs.

AQUAPLATE® steel round tanks constructed with a thick and evenly consistent steel wall layer, specifically designed to prevent light from entering the tank and compromising water quality with harmful bacteria and algae growth.


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Round Metal Water Tanks Benefits

20 Year Warranty

Backed by Bluescope Steel's twenty- year warranty, you won't get just any old steel tank for rainwater harvesting, you'll get the best steel round tank available - AQUAPLATE® steel.


Strong, durable, fire and UV resistant the classic Aussie round steel tank is built to withstand harsh Australian conditions and provide year round quality water supply for your home and garden.


The inner walls coated with a 200µm thick, food grade polymer film approved by the stringent recommendations of the Australian Standard AS 2070, which ensures the tank is safe for drinking and household use.


Metal round water tanks are available in various size dimensions and diameters, and Roofing Options Centre can supply customised water tanks within certain limits.

Tank Dimensions

cover tank dimensions

Download our "Standard Size" list for an indication of what tank sizes we manufacture.

Standard size options:
  • Slimline.
  • Modline (Squared slimline).
  • Round.

The following measurements provide a guide to our manufacturing capacity:
– Minimum diameter: 800mm x 1560mm min height
– Maximum diameter: 3500mm x 3010mm max height

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