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Rainhead, Sump & Cover Supplies Melbourne

Rainhead Supplies Melbourne | Custom Rainheads | Roofing Options CentreStandard Rainheads

Our standard rainhead size is 300MM wide, 225MM deep and 225MM high. They are ready to go when you need them. If you use a particular size on a regular basis, talk to us about your requirements and we can set up our production line to ensure your rainheads are available as quickly as possible.

Custom Rainheads

IN addition to standard rainheads, we offer custom rainheads, manufactured to your specifications. As prices can vary depending on quantity, give us a call to get a custom quote.

COLORBOND® Rainheads

All of our custom and standard Rainheads are manufactured using Bluescope COLORBOND ® or ZINCALUME ® Steel. We only use one of Australia's most trusted products because it is made to last, tested in the toughest conditions and made right here in Australia. Lets not forget Colorbond Rainheads and other Colorbond products just look great on your project! That's why we at Roofing Options Centre are Melbourne's favourite Colorbond Rainhead supplier.

Custom Sumps, Covers & Trays

Along with our rainheads we also manufacture custom sumps, custom covers, custom trays and more with COLORBOND ® Steel right here in Melbourne. Whether you need a Colorbond drip tray for an air conditioning unit, a chimney cover, or a Colorbond finish cover around the house, we can make it to suit your needs on time and within budget. Give us a call or come into our store to get a quote.

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