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HYTILE - Trimming Tray

The Hytile Trimming Tray is the perfect accessory for your tile cutter. The tray easily drops over the tile cutter collecting all tile chips and offcuts while you work.

When tray is full, simply lift the tray off the tile cutter and empty into skip bin

The trimming tray is made of heavy-duty plastic that is weather and wear resistant. It won’t crack, or fade anytime soon.

No Mess, No Fuss

That’s why hand cutting is the preferred and recommended method for cutting roof tiles.

Plus the tray can also be used with older Hytile tile cutters manufactured during the past 15 years.

No need to clean and tidy up after a hard day’s work of roof tiling, because the Hytile trimming tray helps keep your roof safe and clean while you work.

Compliments Hytile's Tile Cutter

The Hytile Trimming Tray can be sold separately to compliment the Hytile Tile Cutter.

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Product Benefits

Adds Convenience



Eliminates Clean Up



Removable For Quick Empty


Portable All Over The Roof


In Stock


Sold As A Spare Part


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