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HYTILE - Tile Cutter

Roof tiles produce a lot of dust when they’re cut using a powered disc saw.

Any machine powered cutting, drilling or grinding produces silica dust, which is harmful to your lungs over the long term.

The sturdy ladder design construction doesn’t need dismantling, it’s completely foldable, space saving and very portable to transport.

That’s why hand cutting is the preferred and recommended method for cutting roof tiles.

The Hytile solar panel lifter has a standard reach of 8.5 metres making it suitable for both single and double storey homes and buildings.

The Hytile hand tile cutter cuts concrete and terracotta tiles at any angle – verge, ridge, hip and valley cuts.

In most cases all it takes is a few light taps along the chalked or scribed roof tile for a perfectly clean and precise cut.

No dust, no mess. The attached tray collects tile offcuts helping to keep the site clean and tidy.

The sturdy design helps absorb impact, reducing back, arm and shoulder strain.

The Hytile tile cutter is very durable, it can hold the weight of the roof tile without it breaking off and makes accurate cuts quickly and easily.

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Product Benefits

Easy to use



No Power Required



Portable All Over The Roof


No Dust, No Mess


Spare Parts Available


Finance Available

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