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HYTILE - Solar Panel Lifter

Don’t compromise your safety with dodgy and dangerous heavy lifting and carrying practices when it comes to solar panel roof installations.

The Hytile Solar Panel Lifter is the easy and speedy solution to lifting large, heavy and fragile solar panels onto a roof.


The sturdy ladder design construction doesn’t need dismantling, it’s completely foldable, space saving and very portable to transport.

Powered by an electric motor, the panel carrier platform can hold and carry up to 4 solar panels at a time.


The Hytile solar panel lifter has a standard reach of 8.5 metres making it suitable for both single and double storey homes and buildings.

You can double the reach of the solar panel lifter by fitting additional 1.8 and 3.6 metre extension sections to its base.

The power supply is standard 240-volt single phase.

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Product Benefits

Fold Out For Immediate Use



Suits Single & Double Storey Buildings


Extend Up To 16m


Up To 4 Panels Per Load


Save Hire Costs


Finance Available

HYTILE - Solar Panel Lifter Videos