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HYTILE - Gutter Pro

Climb up ladders safely with the Hytile Gutter Pro.

This handy ladder accessory helps prevent the ladder from sliding when accessing the roof.

The Hytile Gutter Pro also protects your guttering from scratches and dents.

Simply use a broom handle to hoist the gutter pro into position, with the rubber grips wedged inside the gutter to keep it steady.

The gutter pro’s unique design supports the weight of the ladder onto the fascia preventing any contact with gutters.

The Hytile Gutter Pro is designed with guards on either side to keep the ladder from sliding sideways.

Benefits of Hytile Gutter Pro:

  • Prevents ladder movement
  • Protects guttering from scratches and dents
  • Sturdy unique design

Be sure to stay safe when climbing ladders or carrying roofing materials onto a roof and get yourself a Hytile Gutter Pro.

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