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HYTILE - Cable Hoist

Save your back and save your tiles! Carrying a heavy stack of roof tiles up and down a ladder is tiring work. And when you’re tired, accidents are likely to happen.

You can avoid the hassle and expense of replacing broken tiles and bones with the handy Hytile cable hoist to do the heavy lifting for you.

The light weight and foldable design can easily be transported in the back of the ute to the job site.

Whether you’re working on your own or with a crew, set up on site is quick and simple.

Assembling the cable hoist takes just five minutes. Simply unfold the lifting arms, make sure the wire rope is tracking around the pulleys, bolt the sections together, remove tie from the lifting arms and adjust the top section to a comfortable angle up to 45 degrees maximum. This helps ease back strain when lifting roof tiles onto the hoist.


The standard two-section cable hoist can move between 6 to 12 roof tiles per lift. That works out to between 1,080 to 2,160 tiles per hour.


A rapid return mode on the cable hoist cuts down waiting time to reload a new stack of tiles. Also, you can use the rapid return mode for faster tile moving and can deliver up to 2,800 tiles per hour.


The Hytile cable hoist unit can just easily be used for removing old, damaged roof tiles. The rapid return function can be turned off for roof stripping.


The Hytile unit is available in four standard lengths:

  • One section cable hoist 4.8 metres
  • Two section cable hoist 8.5 metres
  • Three section cable hoist 12.2 metres
  • Four section cable hoist 15.8 metres

NOTE - Additional length extensions are available in 1.8 metres and 3.6 metres sections.

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Product Benefits

Quick & Easy Setup



Rapid Return



4 Different Lengths To Suit Your Needs

Load Rates Up To 2800 Tiles per Hour

Helps Remove Old Tiles From The Roof

Finance Available

HYTILE - Cable Hoist Videos