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HYTILE - Belt Elevator

The Hytile Belt Elevator will improve your efficiency for half the physical effort. It’s a must for every roofer and it’s perfect for sites where regulations require mechanical means for handling heavy loads rather than manual labour.


Hytile belt elevators are available in either petrol or electric powered models.

The elevator unit can be folded without having to remove the belt. Simply remove the cradle mounted motor and the unit folds back on itself. It also features removable lifting handles on the base for easy manoeuvring on site.


Tiles and bricks are conveyed on a heavy-duty 15cm wide rubber belt with metal cleats. The cleats help prevent tiles or bricks from slipping off while being conveyed.

The continuous action means no waiting for hoist trolley platforms to return for reloading.


The Hytile belt elevator is designed with an auto stop lever that halts the belt conveyor when tiles reach the top. This feature prevents tiles from falling off when they reach the top of the elevator.

Hytile folding belt elevators are available in four standard lengths:

  • 6.7 Meters
  • 9.7 Meters
  • 10.6 Meters
  • 11.6 Meters

Plus you can increase any of the above lengths by attaching an additional section.

The belt elevators can carry up to 6 tiles per cleat, which amounts to 5,000 tiles per hour.

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Product Benefits

Easy Fold Out Setup & Dismantle


4 Different Lengths To Suit Your Needs

Petrol Or Electric Models




Load Rates Up To 5000 Tiles per Hour


Helps Remove Old Tiles From The Roof

Finance Available

HYTILE - Belt Elevator Videos