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HYTILE - Bedding Frames

Bedding is the foundation layer for hip and ridge cap tiles.

Consisting of sand, lime and cement the bedding mixture is the foundation that supports and secures ridge caps and roof tiles.

It’s essential that hip and ridge caps are bedded straight and level onto the roof and a bedding frame can make the job easy and accurate.

The Hytile bedding frame guarantees to keep ridges straight and even along the entire length of the roof.

At Roofing Options Centre we stock a range of Hytile bedding frame models in various lengths to suit your needs.

Our Bedding Frames Features:

  • Light weight and sturdy construction
  • Choice of tempered aluminium or tubular steel frames
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Rubber underside for added grip
  • Extendable frames for long hips

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Product Benefits

Light Weight



Save Time And Energy



Load up to 50 Tiles at a time



Maintain Safety On The Roof



Remove Potential Of Broken Tiles



Reduce The Risk Of Injury


HYTILE - Bedding Frames Videos