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EasyClick Polycarbonate Roof Panels

DIY Flat Polycarbonate Roof Panels

It can easily be retrofitted to existing structures saving you time and money.EasyClick PC is a quick and simple to install glazing and roofing system perfect for those DIY projects.

Install a new carport or pergola roof in a snap!

EasyClick PC panels are designed to snap in place together with no fuss.

No fancy tools or accessories needed, just your standard DIY hand and power tools will do the job fine.

Cut, screw, snap and finish.

Create a carport, pergola, greenhouse or patio roof in four easy steps:

  • Cut panels to size
  • Screw in place
  • Snap in next panel
  • Finish with aluminium U channel edging

EasyClick PC panels’ four-wall construction provides excellent insulation properties, keeping temperatures cool in hot weather and warm in cold seasons. The UV coated panels provide ultimate protection from the harmful effects of the sun by blocking out ultra violet rays while still allowing lots of natural light in.

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Product Information - Features and Benefits

Easy DIY Install

Light Weight

UV protection

Water Proof

High light transmission

Impact Resistant

Quick Assembly

Installation Options

EasyClick Install

EasyClick - Polycarbonate Roof Panel Brochure

EasyClick Br Pic

DIY Polycarbonate roofing installation made even easier with the EasyClick polycarbonate roof panel system.

 EasyClick DIY polycarbonate roof panels are available in three colours with varying degrees of natural light transmission:
  • Clear providing 80% natural light
  • Opal providing 50% natural light
  • Grey providing 50% natural light