COLORBOND Steel Fencing

Colorbond Steel Fencing Melbourne | Bluescope | Roofing Options CentreCOLORBOND steel fencing is made and tested for Australian conditions, you can be sure a genuine colorbond fence made by BlueScope Steel will last for many years.

COLORBOND steel is made using an advanced 4-step process that makes it tough and durable in all kinds of environmental conditions. The base layer ZINCALUME® steel is anti-corrosive so that it won’t rust from weathering. In fact COLORBOND® steel is so tough it’s fire resistant and termite- proof.

A colorbond fence is a low maintenance installation; all it requires is an occasional clean to keep it looking as good as new. A topcoat of specially developed exterior grade lead- free paint is baked onto the steel fencing surface making it resistant to chipping, peeling and cracking.

Create a Secure and Private Oasis with Steel Fencing

COLORBOND® fencing colours are available in 15 designer colour schemes to complement your home and surroundings. The clean, smooth surfaces and close fitting panels ensure your home has maximum privacy and security. With COLORBOND® fencing you’ll never have to worry about compromising safety and security with loose palings, unsightly railings and footholds.

Backed by manufacturer’s 10- year warranty, a COLORBOND steel fencing is a wise choice that’s durable, secure and looks good.

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Product Range


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Smarta Colorbond Fencing


Mini Metal Garden Fence


Span Steel Fencing Panels

Main Benefits


Provides security and privacy to your home


Total component system means quick and simple install


Posts, rails and panels are available in a range of colours to allow mix and match


May be stepped or raked on sloping ground


100% termite and rot resistant


Available in 1500mm, 1800mm & 2100mm panel heights


Protected by a 10 year material and structural warranty

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COLORBOND® Steel Fencing is available in NEETASCREEN®, SMARTASCREEN®, MINISCREEN®, and SPANSCREEN™ panel profiles.

Main features:

  • 10 year manufacturers warranty.
  • 15 designer colour schemes.
  • Fire resistant.

COLORBOND® Steel Fencing's base layer, ZINCALUME® steel, is anti-corrosive so it won’t rust from weathering.

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