Polycarbonate Or Glass?

7 REASONS WHY POLYCARBONATE ROOFING IS BETTER THAN GLASS There’s no denying the use of glass as a cladding material in commercial and residential property constructions has many appealing qualities. Number one and most obvious quality is transparency. Glass allows natural sunlight to light up and brighten interiors creating a warm and inviting space. But … Read more

Exciting News!

In our commitment to continue to provide exceptional roofing products and services, we are excited to announce that Roofing Options Centre are now proud distributors of Hytile products. As Hytile distributors that means we now offer even more great roofing products and solutions that cover (pardon the pun) the entire spectrum of your roofing needs. … Read more

Sunlite Twinwall

Why should you consider Twinwall roofing?

TOP 5 BENEFITS OF TWINWALL POLYCARBONATE ROOFING Polycarbonate is a versatile roofing material and is available in several forms – as smooth, solid panel sheets and twinwall or multiwall panel sheets. The twinwall polycarbonate sheeting is unique for its cellular structure design and fluted appearance. Twinwall polycarbonate sheet construction comprises of a series of vertical … Read more

Spring Has Sprung!

Gardening Made Easy With Colorbond Steel Raised Garden Beds  Ready made Colorbond steel raised garden beds make gardening easy for everyone from first timers to seasoned gardeners. Whether you have a green thumb or not, maintaining a well kept, flourishing garden is hard work.  Spending long hours digging and weeding can be especially hard on … Read more

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