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Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks

galvanised tank 2Installing steel water tanks make perfect sense in Australia's harsh climate where extended periods of drought are followed by rain.

Harvesting rainwater is a great way to conserve a valuable and scarce resource – water and save on rising water bills!

Roofing Options Centre supply steel rain water tanks made from BlueScope Steel. Aquaplate water tanks are the only steel to comply with the stringent Australian Standards AS 4020. What makes AQUAPLATE® steel so remarkable, is the polymer lining that is bonded to the steel base which helps prevent corrosion and maintain water quality.

We Supply Steel Water Tanks To Clients All Over Melbourne

Roofing Options Centre provides all AQUAPLATE® steel tanks from their Coburg site and can customise a rainwater tank to the size you want within certain restrictions.

Backed by BlueScope Steel's twenty-year warranty, you can be sure your rain water won't suffer from corrosion or develop leaks. If you are looking for the best BlueScope water tanks the city has to offer, you have come to the right place; we are your local experts.

Call us now on 03 9354 2633 for more information.

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Aquaplate Product Range

Bluescope Tanks Brochure

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Aquaplate Steel Rainwater Tanks, manufactured using Bluescope Steel COLORBOND® Aquaplate steel.

Main features:

  • Backed by BlueScope Steel's twenty-year warranty.
  • Available in Galvanised finish and a range of modern COLORBOND® colours.
  • Wide range of sizes to suit almost any application

Contact us on 03 9354 2633 or email sales@roofingoptions.com.au and start harvesting your rainwater today.

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