Our Product Range

Steel Roofing

<strong>Steel Roofing</strong>

Polycarbonate Roofing

<strong>Polycarbonate Roofing</strong>

Twinwall Polycarbonate

<strong>Twinwall Polycarbonate</strong>

EasyClick PC System

<strong>EasyClick PC System</strong>

SMART PUI - Twinwall Corrugated

<strong>SMART PUI - Twinwall Corrugated</strong>

SUNPAL - Roof & Cladding System

<strong>SUNPAL - Roof & Cladding System</strong>

SUNGLAZE - Polycarb Roofing System

<strong>SUNGLAZE - Polycarb Roofing System</strong>

Custom Made

<strong>Custom Made</br>Flashings</strong>

DIY Patio
Roofing Kits

<strong>DIY Patio</br>Roofing Kits</strong>


<strong>COLORBOND® Fencing</strong>

Water Tanks

<strong>Water Tanks</strong>

Raised Garden Beds

<strong>Raised Garden Beds</strong>

Roof Tiles

<strong>Roof Tiles</strong>

Roof Fixing

<strong>Roof Fixing</strong>

Your Top Roofing Suppliers In Melbourne

Why choose us?

Melbourne Roofing Contractors

Melbourne Roofing Contractors

We are a reputable family business and trusted roofing contractors in Melbourne with over 20 years' experience. We are specialised in providing roofing supplies, steel or polycarbonate materials and accessories for Patios and Pergolas.

BlueScope Steel Partner

BlueScope Steel Partner

As a brand partner of BlueScope Steel you can be sure we supply only the highest quality products and roofing materials, such as ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND®.

Trusted Supplier

Trusted Supplier

We're not just a supplier of roofing materials such as metal sheets, polycarbonate and metal guttering, we consistently deliver great customer service and expert advice on construction, rainwater systems and pergolas. It's why we're one of the most trusted roofing suppliers. Our clients have trusted us for years to take care of their needs.

Flexible Customisation

Flexible Customisation

We offer a range of custom sheet metal measure and cut services for your convenience. We can also custom design AQUAPLATE® steel rainwater tanks and corrugated steel garden beds to enhance your outdoor area.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

No matter what design and construction feature you require, from polycarbonate services to corrugated roofing sheets, we can do it all. From helping you choose the right sheets for pergolas to expert construction advice, we've got you covered.

Professional Services

Professional Services

There are many stores and warehouses that sell roofing materials in Melbourne. You may think you've seen it all, but when you choose to work with us you will see our difference immediately.