Raised Garden Beds

Looking for raised garden beds in Melbourne? They are the ideal solution in a range of restricted garden situations and allow gardeners with limited flexibility to access the garden bed easily. A raised bed vegetable garden is great for yards with poor soil, where digging up and reconditioning the soil is not an option. It can help keep your precious veggies safe from pests, as they're easier to isolate and protect. Whatever reason you're looking at a raised veggie bed, you're sure to find a whole host of unexpected benefits.

We offer a great variety of corrugated garden beds.

If you are searching for a simple and easy solution when it comes to corrugated garden beds, look no further than Roofing Options Centre. We invite you to explore our range, for a stylish do-it-yourself option that won't hurt your bank account or your back!

Want to enjoy gardening again, without the usual physical exertion? Then a raised garden is the perfect solution. We've got a selection of round, slimline and modular designs made from galvanised steel, in the latest COLORBOND® colours to match and blend with your environment.

Product Range of Raised Veggie Beds


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